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I am a wide range of musical tastes.
I am the savage beating drums of a war dance,
the tense build-up of an ancient overture.
I am vengeful in my need for an audience.
I am needy and blaring,
turned up on high volume.

I am a wide range of musical tastes.
All a little sour, all out of tune.

© Laura A. Lord, 2015

Thank you for the prompts at Uncharted with Six Sentence Stories and the word range, and Three Word Wednesday with the words savage, tense, and vengeful.

12 responses to “Overture”

  1. I love the wide range of topics covered in the 6 Sentence Stories this week! I wouldn’t have come up with music, but I like it. Have you seen Google today? Apparently it’s Beethoven’s birthday,and Google has a cute puzzle to celebrate.

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    • I did see it. I love Google’s special little things like that. There really was a wide “range” of topics. I’m just glad to be able to get back into it. Thank you for stopping by.


  2. Laura, Im always happy to see you at the hop! I know I can count of something really intriguing and cool… this was not a disappointment. I thought like Kristi did as soon as I saw the title! This was great. I am always so impressed by your play with words and how you relate them to a theme. You are an amazing poet. How is the Reverie going? I havent seen anything lately but life has been hectic so I shouldnt insinuate that I have looked either!

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  3. Your voice is music
    to those willing to listen
    and the shout turned whispers
    to embrace my heart
    and bring forth tranquillity
    the deaf will feel
    its vibrations that the truth
    is hidden around us
    your words the lyrics
    the voice the music to which we sing
    and communicate
    with out vengeance.

    And yes you always have my mind and heart unite to bring forth the words I cry.

    I hope you are doing well Lady Laura. xx big hugs

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