LauraAshley(1of100)Laura A. Lord is the author of six collections of vignettes and poetry, Wake Up a Woman (2012), History of a Woman (2013), The Telling (2013), Perjury (20014), Rumble Strip (2015), and Of Roots and Wreckage (2015). She also published one awesome children’s book about a T-Rex screwing up her entire day. It’s absolutely a true story. Her newest collection, titled I Am, is set to be released this June.

Laura lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband and three children. She graduated with her Associate’s from Chesapeake College. Her work focuses on women and the struggles they face in today’s society. She draws influence from her life on the Eastern Shore and her rural upbringing.

Laura’s poetry has been published in numerous journals and publications. She is one of the founding members of  The Reverie Journala poetry publication, and the owner of Book Genesis – a book editing and marketing company.


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