The T-Rex That Ruined My Day


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Did you know that sometimes when your children are away their toys come to life? It’s true. It happened to me. That was when a T-Rex ruined my day!

Praise for The T-Rex That Ruined My Day

“This is a fun little children book that will ignite your child’s imagination. I kept hoping the author would explained why a plastic T- Rex toy would cause all this mischief. That’s the fun of this book. You can imagine why and have lots of fun doing that.One explanation: The T-Rex is made out of plastic made from oil, which comes from plants that dinosaurs ate. The T Rex ate those dinosaurs. So, one fine day, due to cosmic radiation the little T-Rex toy comes to life. Or, perhaps the narrator of the story is really a little girl, who steps on the T-Rex her brother left in the bath tub and then, she imagines all of these little misadventures. But she is the culprit.
Look, if you like children books that teach lessons, you won’t like this offbeat little book. But, if you like strange children stories like I do then get this book. Then,ask your child or grandchild to explain why the T-Rex came to life and you will be amazed at their imagination and how they see things. I would have purchased a toy T Rex with movable arms, legs and mouth for the pictures in the book. That would have added interest to the pictures. But, the real value of the book is that it gets the imagination going. We could start a discussion forum on what your kids imagined from this book. You might also want check out the author’s blog,, which is interesting and funny.”

– Dean Schechinger, Amazon customer

“My son is far too old for me to read this delightful children’s book to, so I bought and read it for myself and thoroughly enjoyed it. It brought me back to my own childhood when I knew all my toys came alive and played while I slept and wistfully back to those years I read aloud to my son.”

– Kitt O’Malley, Amazon customer

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