Pride and Envy – I’m Two for Seven Today

There’s nothing like watching some TV show to get a rude awakening into deeper emotions. Last night, in yet another of my late-night-can’t-sleep-watch-Netflix episodes, I stumbled upon Master Chef Junior. I had no idea Ramsey was doing this show.


And let’s get it straight. I like Ramsey. He’s a sonuvabitch, and I like him.

But I didn’t like this show. I mean, here are a bunch of 8-13 year olds that can cook. And not just cook, but create edible food art on a plate. They know words like remoulade and actually know how to make it.

I didn’t even hear Ramsey yell at anyone.

I thought, holy crap, my kids are not that young compared to these guys. They’ve never even used the stove.

Am I doing something wrong?

Is this normal kid behavior?

Should they be preparing four course meals on the regular?

Where did I screw up?

We’re going to blame all this on whatever hormones are going through my body that made me instantly slip into I’m-a-bad-mom mode. I’m not a bad mom.

And my kids? My kids are better than this.

My daughter is learning the correct names of the bones in the human body. Not for school. Not for some science project. Simply because she wants to. And you know why? Because she is curious by nature. She likes to ask questions. She loves the word “why”. This is one of my most favorite things about her.


My son? Oh…he basically wrote an entire story. He didn’t necessarily write it, but he stood there and told it to me while I wrote it. It inspired a slightly more completed piece, one that I’m working on now for him. But he created a story with a beginning, middle, and end. It had a main character, a mission, plenty of pitfalls and things to spoil the main guy’s efforts, and additional characters to help him along. All of this based on his stuffed bear: Boo Bear. You know why? Because he is imaginative. It may border on complete dishonesty at times, but I love him for it. I love the way his imagination takes over.

This is Boo Bear.
This is Boo Bear.

My kids are awesome. Screw that TV show.

I’m proud of my children for who they are, not what they can do.

I’m just envious of that kid who made the chocolate lava cake. I could really get into a chocolate lava cake right about now.

2 responses to “Pride and Envy – I’m Two for Seven Today”

  1. Haha at the lava cake.. i can teach you the kids. but Hiroshima would look clean and tidy after they are done in the kitchen 😀
    Mummy what is a boner? I am trying to learn every bone there is?


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