Dementia Dialogue

Things my Uncle has said to me this week:

Someone stole my dogs.  No one stole his dogs.

I called the police.  No, he didn’t.

I was talking to those guys. -Points to the daughter’s poster of One Direction-   And he was. Intense conversation about what instruments they played.

I think Dude disappeared.   He did. He was at school…

My wife gave me this. Here, you can have it.   It was one of her necklaces, but she passed years ago. It was a very nice necklace though.

And the best conversation:

Uncle:   -From his bedroom.- Stick it in your ass!

Me:  -Running back there.- Who are you talking to?

Uncle:  -Pointing angrily to a picture.- Mrs. _________! She wont’ answer me.

(Understand…he was speaking to a photograph. One of probably the nicest old ladies in the world that goes to his church.)

Me:  -Hands on hips and pointing a finger at him.-  You cannot speak to Mrs. __________ like that! Maybe she’s just tired and doesn’t want to talk.

Uncle:  I didn’t think about that.

Me:   Apologize to her. Now.

Uncle:   I’m sorry, Mrs. ___________. I didn’t mean to get upset. You go ahead and rest. -He closed the album.-

Me:   Okay. Let’s just let her rest and maybe she’ll have more to say later.

3 responses to “Dementia Dialogue”

  1. I am glad you have a sense of humour, and even though at first reading it may seem funny I feel that having several of these conversations day in and day out must eventually be quite taxing on one’s nerves. Regards to your uncle. Hugs to you.


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