What Are You Writing?

Every. Single. Time.

I can be one of the most elegant poets (at times) and still haven’t seemed to master the English language enough for every day conversation – especially when that conversation turns around to my writing. Instantly I transform into this blubbering, stumbling, hem-hauling fool who stares off into the distance while turning a very unflattering shade of fire-engine red.

It’s pathetic.

Tell me I’m not alone! Does this happen to you? Are you actually good at speaking to people about your writing? If so, what’s your secret? If not…it’s okay. We were never the “cool kids” anyway.

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Left Behind

Gold_Chaika_Pocket_Watch_made_in_the_USSRYou have left behind a small bedroom, engulfed by the bulky hospital bed with its folding mattress and steely grey rails.

You have left behind an old red recliner, and I sit in it and remember that the wooden handle no longer works and the deep creak in its rock sounds like the background music to midnight conversations, whispered in the hushed stillness of a sleeping home.

You have left behind a closet full of blue dresses and a red cape, and I never would have known that your favorite color was pink, until you asked for a dress to be buried in and smiled when the rose colored sheath was unfurled from its bag, petals opening in front of a sunset.

You have left a trunk full of love letters and silk scarves and stories I was never old enough to ask you for, so that now I sit and wonder about the woman in the picture, legs propped up on the steps, her skirt sliding up to show off her slender calves.

I have days of work ahead of me, maneuvering the remnants of life from present to memory, and you have left your scent in the sheets, your powder on the bathroom sink, your gold pocket watch on the dresser, and me.

You have left behind me.

This has been a six sentence story. You can find out more about them and this week’s prompt, here.

Your Bullet

pen-and-ink-drawing-the-gun-creativity-carnival-shafaliI suppose He tore another page from The Book today. . .
let is slide between sweaty fingers,
slice the tip,
right there under the nail,
so the pain would ebb and flow,
waves of electricity with each
thump-thump –
a heartbeat set to leap into
break-neck pace,
as the blood dripped like heavy sealing wax.
Gifts unwrapped and
His will is a shiny, sparkling,
death trap.
It’s fully loaded and
set to go
right through the forehead
with the little blonde curl.
It’s His will,
His gift. . .
but your bullet.

You can join in this prompt at the Creativity Carnival, here.

5 Ways to Love Your Self-Published Author

Creative Commons - Caterina.Appia
Creative Commons – Caterina.Appia

By nature, the writing world is a lonely place. Authors need friends and companionship and a community, not only to draw inspiration from, but to help support them in a field that doesn’t exactly make it easy. Here’s what you should keep in mind about your self-publishing friend:

  • Most likely, they are doing it all on their own. All the writing, the editing, the designing, the promotion, the promotion, the promotion.
  • They think what they have written is the absolute best thing out there right now. It’s new. It’s daring. It’s theirs, and they’ve been working their butts off on it for so long they forgot their own kid’s birthday until the last moment.
  • They’ve probably spent more money on the book then they care to admit.
  • They are basically tossing 50,000 some words out into the ether and praying that out of the millions of titles on Amazon, someone picks theirs.

It all sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

So, how DO you love a self-published author?

  1. Read it. I mean, if you hate the genre they write, then there is little helping that, but if you can, read it. They want to talk to people about their work and it would help if you could comment on more than the cover they basically paid an arm and a leg for online.
  2. Share it. The biggest compliment any author can get is someone sharing or recommending their books to others. It’s the equivalent of telling a manager at a restaurant that you just got excellent service from Jane over there and you’ll be coming back again. That just makes everyone feel good.
  3. Review it. A review is complete confirmation that your author friend is on the right track. It is a public praise that brings in more readers. It’s like having the play list posted and finding your name in big letters next to the leading role. It’s important to your friend to know what people really think.
  4. Be patient. Your self-publishing friend is convinced that this time, the two hundred and thirty-third time they’ve shared a post on social media about their book is THE ONE. This post will go viral. This post will get them noticed. This post will lead to a contract or an agent. Be patient with them and try not to get annoyed by the spamming.
  5. Be understanding. This book is like a newborn baby to your self-publishing friend. They have been working on it for so long, and at the end of day they just want someone to pat them on the back and say, “It’s beautiful. You did a good job.”

The Top 19 Reasons I’m Not Writing Today

1. My son woke up at 4 am to be fed and so I’m still tired.

2. There’s laundry piled up high enough to be a safety hazard.

3. Half a pot of coffee isn’t enough.

4. My favorite pen ran out of ink.

5. I don’t have a typewriter like all the “real” writers use.

6. This round of Crossy Road isn’t going to play itself.

7. If I don’t get these pictures downloaded and sorted on Flickr, I’ll lose everything.

8. One. More. Tweet.

9. I’m just browsing Pinterest for recipes.

10. I’m hungry.

11. I think I lost my cat in the laundry room.

12. I’m bored with my room. I should move my furniture.

13. I’m tired.

Source: www.dumpaday.com
Source: http://www.dumpaday.com

14. I’ve spent the last five months speaking to a baby for the majority of my day and have forgotten basic grammar.

15. Lemon cupcakes. Someone has to make them. And eat them.

16. Children.

17. Periods.

18. Husbands.

19. I. Just. Don’t. Want. To.

Super Cool Special Announcement

Precipice FB Cover 2


I’m in a book! I’m in a book!

I was so fortunate to be featured within this amazing group of 18 writers. Thank you to Bannerwing Books for all your hard work on this project. It’s available for pre-order today, so hurry up and get your copy now!

Clicky right here to pre-order!

Precipice cover_final


Well Shit, It’s Just me

And there hasn’t been a whole lot of me lately…which has been AWESOME! It’s been so much fun hosting all these awesome women, but heck, no need for me to write about it. Check out my vlog below!

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talkdirtySo talk to me! And I’ll leave you with some tunes. This thing is stuck in my head (-facedesksrepeatedly-). I mean, it takes some faith to share the music I would be embarrassed to tell real live people I actually have to deal with on a daily basis that I listen to this.


Herstory Lesson: Sometimes it takes a lack of communication to bring about some real discussion.