3:30 AM

3:30 AM
and I am awaiting the hallucinogenic memories
that slip into my dreams
like we slid,
slick, hot bodies,
across the yellow vinyl of that ugly couch.

3:32 AM
and you are my gateway drug,
the little pill I pop under my tongue
while the shadow growth on your face
rubs a passionless rash
across my cheek.

3:35 AM
and I am as flat and stiff beneath you
as a carcass under the steady,
sharp beak of a vulture,
I pull away from you,
scalded by your touch.

3:48 AM
and your breathing has deepened
to the steady rhythm of slumber
and I dream of yellow vinyl couches
and the first time you slid,
slick, hot body, and shattered me like an ancient mosaic.

© Laura  A. Lord, 2016

I just finished a book, The Pilot’s Wife by Anita Shreve, and without spoiling the story for you, because it is amazing and you should read it, the main character spoke numerous times about passion leaving a relationship as the time past. It inspired this piece, along with the wordle from MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie.

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Coming Soon! I AM!

Some of you may have noticed the facelift I gave my site a few months ago. A big part of that change was adding in the big announcement for I AM. I’m really excited about this book and have been working my butt off on it.


Now, I’m at that point all writers can relate to: I don’t want to look at this book for one more minute! I have edited and trashed and scratched and added and changed and read and read and read…I’m sick of it!

That’s where you come in.

I am looking for 20 reviewers.

Why 20? Well Amazon has this whole magic number thing and 20 seems to be it, so until there are 20 reviews on a book it doesn’t show up much in searches. And that’s every Indie author’s goal – to have their book show up when people are looking!

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So what do you say? Who wants a free copy of my book?

5 Ways to Love Your Self-Published Author

Creative Commons - Caterina.Appia
Creative Commons – Caterina.Appia

By nature, the writing world is a lonely place. Authors need friends and companionship and a community, not only to draw inspiration from, but to help support them in a field that doesn’t exactly make it easy. Here’s what you should keep in mind about your self-publishing friend:

  • Most likely, they are doing it all on their own. All the writing, the editing, the designing, the promotion, the promotion, the promotion.
  • They think what they have written is the absolute best thing out there right now. It’s new. It’s daring. It’s theirs, and they’ve been working their butts off on it for so long they forgot their own kid’s birthday until the last moment.
  • They’ve probably spent more money on the book then they care to admit.
  • They are basically tossing 50,000 some words out into the ether and praying that out of the millions of titles on Amazon, someone picks theirs.

It all sounds a little crazy, doesn’t it?

So, how DO you love a self-published author?

  1. Read it. I mean, if you hate the genre they write, then there is little helping that, but if you can, read it. They want to talk to people about their work and it would help if you could comment on more than the cover they basically paid an arm and a leg for online.
  2. Share it. The biggest compliment any author can get is someone sharing or recommending their books to others. It’s the equivalent of telling a manager at a restaurant that you just got excellent service from Jane over there and you’ll be coming back again. That just makes everyone feel good.
  3. Review it. A review is complete confirmation that your author friend is on the right track. It is a public praise that brings in more readers. It’s like having the play list posted and finding your name in big letters next to the leading role. It’s important to your friend to know what people really think.
  4. Be patient. Your self-publishing friend is convinced that this time, the two hundred and thirty-third time they’ve shared a post on social media about their book is THE ONE. This post will go viral. This post will get them noticed. This post will lead to a contract or an agent. Be patient with them and try not to get annoyed by the spamming.
  5. Be understanding. This book is like a newborn baby to your self-publishing friend. They have been working on it for so long, and at the end of day they just want someone to pat them on the back and say, “It’s beautiful. You did a good job.”

AVAILABLE NOW! Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry

I always consider it such an honor to be asked to submit my writing, and am thankful to be able to promote this collection of very talented poets from all over the globe. A big thank you to Paul Morabito for tracking me down and asking me to participate. I’m honored to be included with all of you!

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This combined poetic anthology embraces free thinking of the untapped mind and spirit. The vast array of best contemporary poets from around the globe share their voices together in harmony. Various styles and thoughts flourish amongst the pages, bringing emotions to life and creating beauty from nothingness. The writers included in this collection have been selectively chosen to represent the best modern talent of the age. The list of extraordinary poets featured within include such great talent as Paul Morabito, Aric Cushing, Jason P. Hein, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Regina Puckett, Laura Crean, R.M Romarney, Clarissa Simmens, Mark Green, Irum Zahra, Laura A. Lord, Regis McCafferty, Roberto Carlos Martinez, Linda Dobinson, Robert G. Brown, Carolyn O’Connell, Sherry Rentschler, Ben Ditmars, Christopher Meesto Erato, Jill Roberts, Dr. Leesa Abbott, Nichia Morales, Andrea McKenzie Raine, Koyel Mitra, Helle Gade, Terri Cannon, Jerome Michael Bailey, Harika Kottakota, Hafsa Idrees and Kristy Rulebreaker.

FIVE STARS: Great Variety and Talent

“A great collection of authors and a wide variety of poems! There is sure to be something in this book for everyone.”

– Jason Hein

Calling All Poets


Yes, YOU!

I’m calling all poets for a (hopefully) fun, entertaining, and prosperous opportunity. Throughout the month of May I’d like to host as many self-published poets as I can. What does that mean?

Well, it means that you get a spot on my blog for the day. You get to share some of your work, links to all your social media, buy links, anything you want to promote yourself.

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Teach Me Empathy

A little while back I threw myself into a project that terrified me. After multiple attempts at joining my writing with another’s, and being burnt every time, I once again gave it a shot. I wrote to a woman here on WordPress, someone whose poetry was unspeakably beautiful, and asked to write a duet with her. I could only be speaking of the wonderfully talented Hastywords.

I didn’t get burned in the process. She was amazing. In fact, you can see our masterpiece here on her site.

By the time this was finished, I had both of her books on my Kindle and she had mine and we were happily diving into the world each other had painted.


I had to start at the beginning. I picked up Darker Side of Night and went through my nightly routine.

Fill the bathtub.

Pour some wine.

Soak away all the crap of the day.

Focus on someone else’s words instead of my own.

A couple of hours later, with stone-cold water and skin that was wrinkled past any redemption lotion could offer, I stepped out from the tub smiling. Page after page of beautiful prose, heartbreaking honesty, and a braveness I envied. Her words swept me away and carried me long into the next day.

I thought, not for the first time, that I should be proud of myself for being able to keep up in that duet with her. I had a complete and utter fan girl moment, the delight of reading her words, becoming a friend with someone capable of making every line of prose a praise to the love of words.

And then I read her second book.



Let me say, before I even begin talking about Depression’s Dance that I am not a great person. Truly. I have moments of failure just like everyone else. My mother suffers from depression. I’m not always as supportive as I could be. There are times when the caustic words, “Are you taking your medicine?” slip from my mouth. There are times I roll my eyes, or turn my back when she is falling apart and doesn’t know why.

I think, I know when I am sad. I know WHY I am sad. How could you not know? How could you just wake up sad? It doesn’t compute. Doesn’t make sense.

I told you I’m not a good person. Understanding is a fickle thing. You see, unless a person has lived through/with something, they can never really understand. Not truly.

In Depression’s Dance, Hasty gave a voice to depression. She allowed her reader a chance to snoop and spy. For a few hours, I was permitted to sit down at the table, quietly listen to a conversation that has probably played multiple times through anyone’s mind that suffers from this disease. Her words allowed me a moment to really, truly listen. To hear. Perhaps not to understand, but to at least feel empathy.

She taught me empathy.

And so I hope that others will pick this book up. I hope they will take a moment and allow themselves to listen to this conversation. I try to remember it now. I keep going back to it. I need to keep that lesson in mind. I need to keep my empathy close at hand.

I need to apologize to my mother.

To friends, to anyone, who hears this voice inside them. I am sorry.

But bear with me.

I’m learning.