Coming Soon! I AM!

Some of you may have noticed the facelift I gave my site a few months ago. A big part of that change was adding in the big announcement for I AM. I’m really excited about this book and have been working my butt off on it.


Now, I’m at that point all writers can relate to: I don’t want to look at this book for one more minute! I have edited and trashed and scratched and added and changed and read and read and read…I’m sick of it!

That’s where you come in.

I am looking for 20 reviewers.

Why 20? Well Amazon has this whole magic number thing and 20 seems to be it, so until there are 20 reviews on a book it doesn’t show up much in searches. And that’s every Indie author’s goal – to have their book show up when people are looking!

Here’s all the fun info:
– I’m only looking for 20 readers. 20. 2-0. That’s it.
– You get a free e-book copy of my newest book BEFORE it is out for public sale.
– You get to take part in a super fun Group Google Chat where you can ask me about writing, poetry, whatever you want with the exception of my social security number or first pet’s name.
– I’ll share with you my Secret Guide to Publishing Every Year and Writing Every Day.
– You’ll agree to review my book on Amazon THE DAY it releases live.
– You get a guest post on my blog to share your works in progress, press releases, upcoming books, or advertisements for current sellers.
– You’ll take part in the overwhelming share fest that day so we can drown the web in posts…LOL Not quite that dramatic, but you’ll be given awesome images from Book Genesis to send around the web and share.

So what do you say? Who wants a free copy of my book?

Super Cool Special Announcement

Precipice FB Cover 2


I’m in a book! I’m in a book!

I was so fortunate to be featured within this amazing group of 18 writers. Thank you to Bannerwing Books for all your hard work on this project. It’s available for pre-order today, so hurry up and get your copy now!

Clicky right here to pre-order!

Precipice cover_final