Dementia + Baby Brain = Instant Laughter

My Uncle has lost his glasses.

His dogs.

And his house.

He can’t find his remote.

And one of his sheets is missing.

He also lost a briefcase, and he has no idea what is inside it.


But that’s okay.

This morning I used shower gel to wash my son’s hair.

Put dish soap in the coffee pot.

Ate applesauce with a fork.

Gave the daughter three t-shirts to put on and looked at her confused when she asked, “Which one do you want me to wear?”

And stood staring at the husbands car in the driveway going, “How did that get here?”

We won’t mention that he came home before I was even awake, or that I woke up with him next to me, or that I should have…I should have known he was home.

I am not losing my mind.

And we’re going to find my uncle’s glasses.

-Boss nod-