I am One


One kid home sick from school today who left the building skipping and probably could have stayed, but she’d already been signed out.

One hour away from ballet tonight and Tuesdays suck, because they’re so damn hectic.

One nursing home that won’t take my uncle.

One nursing home in my county that has a locked ward and could take him, except they don’t have one single opening.

One car that the heat stopped working in yesterday and it’s 31 freaking degrees.

One car that we just got fixed, but the heat stopped working again this morning and now the low oil light is on.

One bazillion snowflakes falling and I’m so sick of this shit I could freak.

One canceled lunch date with someone I think I could be friends with and I could use a few of those right now.

One friend that decided to lie about me to make herself look good and I’m still mad about that shit.

One kid who got her first pimple last night and had a meltdown and she’s eight and too young for this.

One set of books ordered on the changing body of young girls.

One search for Baba Yaga books for the boy and they’re fucking expensive and I can’t order them right now, because the changing body books are more important at the moment.

One friend who is spiraling into a depression.

One friend who is so busy and worked to death and I need her, but can’t tell her that because it would only add to her stress.

One husband who says, “That’s life.” and walks back to his room to sleep while I start breaking off at the edges.

One trip to the hairdressers needed, because the dye that was supposed to last for six months is already coming out and I found one gray hair when I decided to stop looking for them.

One call to the Realtor to tell her to hold off on the house searches, because we have no idea what’s going on anymore.

One shitty IRS letter saying they are holding our taxes, so even if we wanted the Van of Doom that I get at least one phone call about every day we couldn’t afford to get it.

One phone call from the lady at Social Services to hassle me about denying my uncle his benefits if he doesn’t get placed within the next four days.

One more medical bill from the hospital for the miscarriage.

I am one. . .more. . .thing. . .away from losing my shit completely.

Fuck today. I’m boycotting it.