Good Vibes

I bought a vibrator that comes with an app.
I can literally connect my pussy to the internet.
Hands free,
wireless compatibility…
It’s the self-driving car of my era.
And I’m stuck home alone,
fucking myself
with someone’s vibe recording from San Jose.
I picture them –
heavy-handed beige fingers
tracing their own sob story
across the screen of their phone.
They write:
“I love you,”
“Ready. Next.”

I slide their orgasm on like I’m trying on a stranger’s coat.
It fits, but not quite right.
They move with a certainty that speaks to their lips
and like another fucking language
I’m so busy translating
I exclude a few unknown words,
hit the buttons on the app,
and swipe my own way to a chemical uprising.


@ Laura A. Lord, 2020

Seriously though, stay home. Find yourself some happy chemicals in your brain. Go buy a new vibe. I definitely recommend Monster Pub. Just saying. I’m not being paid anything to recommend them. I just like my new vibe. 😀

Oh, and check out the promptsat MindLoveMisery. Thanks as always.

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