I have perched on the edge of the heaving ocean’s waves –
a cliché of turbulent emotions raging in translucent spray.
It sends my mascara to running faster than any
fight or flight mechanism left in this old gray matter of mine.

I’ve got silverfish in my heart
and they’re eating at the yellow pages
that litter the floor
of my little castle keep.

I’m fumbling about in the rancid leftovers
of a fridge left behind.

Someone turned the power off on me
a few weeks ago,
but I never needed light for this sight –

I’m in my element here…


where the war stories of the day are bunched up under my head,
a lumpy, bumpy pillow that croons in my ear
every hour,
on the hour –
the breaking news.

And the breaking news is shattering news.
It’s crushing and devastating –
a shock to the system.
It’s the all new norm

and catastrophic in its mediocrity.

And I’m one wave crash from wiping out completely.
I’m a piss-poor balancing act on a boogie board –
I’m being eaten alive,

but the power’s off and so,
I can’t even see it happening.

© Laura A. Lord, Silverfish, 2016

I don’t claim to be anything more than I am – but there are people in this world who are especially attuned to humanity. They are effected in ways that may not make sense to others. These are the kinds of people who can read a news article and hurt so badly for humankind that they slide helplessly into a depression.

And in a world where there is so much hurting, it is easy to get lost. Bear with us, those of us who feel a little too deeply, who are thin-skinned, who wear our hearts out in the open like some big, bold flag…The world can be a little much for us some days.

Thank you to MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie for their prompt that helped inspire an aching mind today.

19 responses to “Silverfish”

  1. That second stanza Laura is genius! I have a difficult time reading the news and rarely do read it because it just gets in too deep, I can cry all day over the obituary of someone I never met or even heard of

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  2. Interestingly enough, very positive – when we see and recognize the silverfish and the loss of power, that is when we act. And in acting we grow. A new time is coming Laura – a wonderful time of many insights and inclusions.

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  3. Very true and reality of life. Specially the first four sentences are mind blowing Laura, it’s the fourth time m reading it superb! But let me say if you don’t mind there are also good people in our lives

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  4. Everything I see in the news or around me, people just so money minded and materialistic not being kind, humble, grounded or minimalist and people not caring about our environment, In short almost everything makes me sad and disturbed. I feel so helpless. But I am glad there are people like you sharing their thoughts and bring like minded people together on this platform. Thanks for writing this Laura.


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