My voice has become a barely legible script
careening off the sharp-edged cliff of my cracked lips.

I am unkissable, darling.

I’ve a leak in my head I can’t fix
and each heavy drop is jerk back to reality.

I’m leaving a trail of fuel and waiting
for one massive match to light
and fall
and set me ablaze.

The triage nurse wants to elevate my psychosis status.
She wants to twist the knobs at the back of my brain
and soothe the offline error tone that’s seeping
between the drought of my mouth.

I feel similar to a three year old
being taught patience,
“No, you can’t have that yet.”
But I want it. I want it, darling.

I want it back.

© Laura A. Lord, “Unkissable,2016

I have been away for some time. Away from my blog…my friends…my writing. I am struggling in the silence right now, so please bear with me.

Thank you to MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie for the wordle prompt. I needed it.

6 responses to “Unkissable”

  1. I hope things improve for you. That you start to feel better. Mental health issues can be very tough, but hopefully after, you will feel better and return to your love. Beautiful poetry.

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  2. Always in my mind and heart and knowing how hard you are working to get back on top.
    Fight on Lady Laura. Hold up that chin and kick life in the butt.

    And if all else fails. I hijack a flight with a case of cheap wine and a sheep skin to dance around a fire and worship god knows what. And take on that zombearmy after. Oh shit wait, I got wings of my own.
    You know my mail if you ever want to just rant vent and rave.

    Be well Big Hugs from the silly crow XX

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