On Not Writing

I so rarely take the time anymore to just blog. I always regret it. I mean, the day passes and I sit back and think, Well, at least I wrote.

What a shitty attitude.

I spent most all of my day on this computer: writing, editing, designing, researching, and all other things writing related, and yet I so rarely take the time out from all of that to just simply write about my day.

So today, I’m not “writing” in the work sense of the word.

Reasons I'm not #Writing today. #stolemymouse #andmychair #amwriting

A photo posted by Laura A. Lord (@historyofawoman) on

I couldn’t even if I wanted to…someone I love dearly keeps stealing my mouse.

And pushing my chair down the hallway.

And all manner of annoying cute one year old behavior.

Amazingly enough, I think he left all his good behavior behind at the National Aquarium. We took the kids two weeks ago for their first ever trip to the aquarium. It was a blast and I got some amazing photos.


A photo posted by Laura A. Lord (@historyofawoman) on

It never ceases to amaze me how much inspiration I can find in the beauty of marine animals and sea life and yet still…


A photo posted by Laura A. Lord (@historyofawoman) on

be totally and completely terrified of big bodies of water.

I mean, these guys are fantastic and fabulous, but I have absolutely no interest in going anywhere near their natural environment.


A photo posted by Laura A. Lord (@historyofawoman) on

Besides, the beach hates people who are as pale as me. It’s best I just stick to the aquarium.

And you can check out more of my awesome aquarium photos…or pictures of my family attempting their ninja picture avoiding skills, over here at my Instagram account. See you there!

6 responses to “On Not Writing”

  1. Adorable Laura. And gorgeous pics of the aquarium. Thanks for sharing. And we know you’ll be back with us when you have time – do what you gotta and we’ll be waiting when you are ready and have the time.

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  2. These are stunning photographs and I smile seeing the young man growing so much bigger as to walk on his own. He is a hand full I am sure about that.

    Write when you can you know as well best writing is done when you felt like it not pushed to it or having to. Still some amazing things can come from it. Life just has a way to pull different strings.
    There is more in life than what is happening on screen.

    Please enjoy it to it fullest and nobody can ever blame you for smiling and living a happy life.
    Big hugs xx
    The Crow

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