I was lost in the apathy of a broken heart,
the disloyalty of dreams that had been
drug mercilessly through the sharp,
splintered edges of a fake romance.
I held animosity close to my chest,
covering myself in the lie that was fear
and cowardice. I courted misery
as if somewhere in the depths of
his indifference I would find hope.
I dressed myself up in swaths of
optimism and met the stare of disdain
with a heart coarsened by hatred.
I searched for endless hours through
the rubble of my faith and staggered
across the first moment I saw him –
the thick sprawl of his lashes
against storm blue eyes and
a smile that sent a lurch through me,
knocking me to my knees.
I remembered how love tasted of
his breath and forced amnesia
for our fragmented love. I forgot it all
and loved him anyway.

© Laura A. Lord, 2016

Written in response to the prompt at The Reverie Journal.

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