I Will Ask

I find that I can be irrevocably human with you,
that in the sharp darkness of my soul,
I have made room for your light.
I have allowed the clouds to shift and fade,
have clawed out in desperation against the skies,
twisting in the downpour of adversary…
I have drawn out the irrelevant fears,
snipped them tight as a deadened nerve,
eliciting bright hibiscus blooms of paranoia and chaos.
I ask only that you love me in the darkness,
that you find beauty in my shaded bloom, and that
all of my broken pieces will be held tenderly in your arms.
I will not ask you to stitch me back together.
I will not be your doll.
I will only ask you to love me in the darkness.
I will only ask for your love.

Written in response to the wordle prompt at MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie and the prompt given by The Reverie Journal.

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