I asked again; she said yes.

Creative Commons: Party Popper


The holidays always make me think of my grandparents. When I saw the prompt for the Sometimes Steller Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge (that’s a mouthful) my mind immediately went to their 50th wedding anniversary. Now, as an adult, I can recognize that there was little happy about that event. But that comes with knowing the backstory I wasn’t privy to then. I was young, and to me, it was a joyous occasion.

I wanted that kind of love – the kind that could make a woman say yes again to her husband, even after 50 years.

A big thank you to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller for the prompt Joyous, and please, dear readers, know that this contest’s winner is chosen by “likes” generated on the comment on the original post. I am linking my six sentence story here, if you’d be so kind as it give it a like, and check out the other amazing entries. Thank you.

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