In Whispers

Creative Commons: Flickr User, thamimzy, Quiet

I am the powerful voice of the masses
spinning tales from the lectern.

I insist, I’ve something to say here.

I am hanging by one precarious thread,
dangling off Charlotte’s web.

I had the words, until

I became blind by people
the hot coal of their voices
seeped past my ear drums
and burnt the rods and
safety cones that kept me in line

I think I knew what I meant to say.
I had a powerful voice, once.
I had the pen, the words, the wonder.
I had the lecture hall full and then
I stopped and spoke in whispers.

© Laura A. Lord, 2015

Thank you to The Sunday Whirl and their wordle prompt.

14 responses to “In Whispers”

  1. A voice whispered by many is a shout to the world. Or so I once said.

    And as long as one is listening your story will be told.

    If only I could hear myself within the masses of voices
    filling the cracks of my soul and shatter the mind
    to find oblivion in a land of perfected silence
    of the blind the clueless and the lonesome
    I hide in locked rooms afraid to be freed
    and spill my heart with whispers from trembling lips.
    Still hope to find a listening ear.

    Or so whispers live to deafening the nothingness with screams of silence.

    Great write as always Lady Laura You are amazing.

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  2. Just… perfect. I mean, I’ve no words, and it is really sad because I’m also a writer (well, a learner). And that’s one of the reasons why I’m here. That’s my wordpress:

    I write in spanish but, I don’t know, maybe you understand it. Anyway, it would be very helpfull if you could visit my page and share it with your visitors. Thank you so much!

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