We’re all standing.
We’re standing with San Bernardino.
We’re standing with Paris.
We’re standing with Planned Parenthood,
with #GunSense and #GunControl.
We’re standing with #BlackLivesMatter,
and we’re standing with #NotInMyName.
Hell, we’re one hashtag away from becoming
the nation that stood for everything.

We’re all striving to be Lady Liberty,
statue-strong and docile.

We’ve grown accustomed to the rinse and repeat motions
of shootings and suffering and grief and standing.


Another life lost,
another prayer given,
another hashtag made,
and then it’s all forgotten.

We’re so busy standing with everyone,
we never take a step forward for change.

©Laura A. Lord, 2015

10 responses to “#StandingStill”

  1. If only the powerless would realize that they are actually the powerful. People too often say, “What can I do? I can’t make a difference”. We most definitely can. This world needs more people willing to make a change in the life of someone else.

    Well said…

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  2. Start #life and live it.
    I love love your writing. And I can’t agree with you more.

    If only we stop
    living on twitter
    and grab life back
    by its horns
    get a headbud
    to have us come
    to our senses.
    If only we could.
    Stand together
    side by side
    instead of divided
    across the net
    hiding in our rooms
    behind screens
    in restless seconds
    If only we stood
    Me, with you
    taken that important step.
    And gather
    to create

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