Left Behind

Gold_Chaika_Pocket_Watch_made_in_the_USSRYou have left behind a small bedroom, engulfed by the bulky hospital bed with its folding mattress and steely grey rails.

You have left behind an old red recliner, and I sit in it and remember that the wooden handle no longer works and the deep creak in its rock sounds like the background music to midnight conversations, whispered in the hushed stillness of a sleeping home.

You have left behind a closet full of blue dresses and a red cape, and I never would have known that your favorite color was pink, until you asked for a dress to be buried in and smiled when the rose colored sheath was unfurled from its bag, petals opening in front of a sunset.

You have left a trunk full of love letters and silk scarves and stories I was never old enough to ask you for, so that now I sit and wonder about the woman in the picture, legs propped up on the steps, her skirt sliding up to show off her slender calves.

I have days of work ahead of me, maneuvering the remnants of life from present to memory, and you have left your scent in the sheets, your powder on the bathroom sink, your gold pocket watch on the dresser, and me.

You have left behind me.

This has been a six sentence story. You can find out more about them and this week’s prompt, here.

20 responses to “Left Behind”

  1. I want to say sorry for your loss.
    Sad that her dresser was full of blue dresses when her favourite colour is pink. She must have loved your hair 😉
    Beautifully written, as always.

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  2. this week seems to not only be a week of (familiar) faces joining the Six Sentence, but a week of stories that demonstrate (or illustrate) the power of rhythm and structure in not only creating an atmosphere, but very much in moving the Reader…

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  3. This story touched me on so many levels. Picking up the pieces of life after someone dies is painful. I like how you described it as maneuvering the remnants of life from present to memory. Ahhhhhhh!

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