Yes, I Meant To…

Submit to Scary Mommy again…and they featured my article yesterday. Sorry for the late share, but if you’d like to hop on over there, hear a bit about my motherhood story and some of the responses I got to people discovering I was going to be a mother of three.

Click here to read “Yes I Meant To, Thank You Very Much.”

6 responses to “Yes, I Meant To…”

  1. Thank you for writing this post.
    I too had some trouble with people asking me if it was an accident, even in my own family. Yes, I really wanted that last child!
    I too went through the heartache of miscarriage, would get comments of “Why do you keep trying? You already have 2 beautiful children!” (my situation was slightly different from yours, since all my children share the same father).
    I say good for you for letting your son get dressed by himself. So what if he likes mixing colours? Don’t people know it’s all the rage amongst teens? Pfff, your son is just VERY mature for his age, is all 😉
    Good luck with the end of the pregnancy. I also know all too well how scary things can become quickly, even so far into it.
    And most of all? ENJOY!

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