Thigh Gaps Are a Thing of the Past

I’m not here today.

No really.

I’m over at Mother of Imperfection talking about body image and thigh gaps and sexy swimsuit models. C’mon over and give my dear friend Sandy some love for hosting me. Brave woman.

What Thigh Gap? I Have Thigh Harmony

4 responses to “Thigh Gaps Are a Thing of the Past”

  1. Cool post Laura. Body image is a big battle for most people.

    Changing the subject, i just did my first every post as a guest of Willow over at Willowdot21 Willow chose the topic “If we were having coffee…” and i wrote. I’d be honored of you’d drop by to say “Hi”. Any comments, criticisms or suggestions would be greatly welcome. feel free to take a look around at Willow’s stuff if you drop by. Thanks Laura!


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