I Could. . .

I could lie.

I could totally lie.

In fact, things would be immensely easier if I started doing it.

According to some, I’m a habitual liar. Hell, I got so inflamed by that arrogant idea that I immediately set out to work on my next manuscript titled Perjury. 

I mean, if I’m going to do it. . .I’m going to do it right.

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My uncle was denied placement at the nursing home we chose. Which means we have to find another nursing home. He was denied, because he is a wander risk and they don’t have a locked unit. The need for a locked unit severely knocks back our choices in appropriate nursing homes.

It also knocks out about 99% of assisted living homes. . .if he could even afford to go there.

But I could have lied.

He got denied, because I was honest about his wandering habits at home.

I could have lied.


I could have told them that he doesn’t go outside fifty million times a day.

giphy (1)

I could have told them that he never gets agitated or threatens violence.



I could have said that he knows he is going to the nursing home, completely accepts and understands it, and probably won’t be upset at all by the move.



I could have said that he has never. . .not once. . .threatened to run off and live in the woods like a hermit.



I could have let him go to the meeting today after dressing himself, but I made sure he had decent clothes on and everything was buttoned right this morning so he wouldn’t be embarrassed and could have lunch there.



I could have lied.

And if I had lied, he’d probably have gotten approved. I’m not sure how long they would have kept him, but we’d have a foot in the door at least. I’d be a step ahead maybe. It might have even benefited me to lie. It might have worked out for him. Might. . .might. . .might.

So I suppose I should be understanding when others around me lie, right? I should sit back, nod my head, and say, Why sure. It makes complete sense. If we make the situation sound worse, we’ll get more help. 

Except when you are an organization that is set in place to help people you have a certain level of power and influence. And that power and influence can be used to hurt people. . .especially when you have lied about the situation, made it more than it is, and because of that, have given a bad reputation to the people you are supposed to be helping.

So when I come to you for help, and I explain the situation, and hope that you can help guide me in the right direction. . .these things should not happen:

1. You never actually get back to me about the problem, so weeks later I start trying to figure it out myself.

2. I figure it out and find out that you talked to the same people I have. . .They were even so kind as to send me the correspondence from you.

3. You lied about the situation. You lied in a way that made you look good and us bad. You lied to make it sound drastic. You lied to make it sound like an emergency. You lied and made it sound like a house raid needed to take place.



As the husband would say, “I will beat you ’till you shit teeth.”

Don’t lie on my family.

Herstory Lesson: When life sucks you get to find out who has a nice dishonest streak. 






33 thoughts on “I Could. . .

  1. “When life sucks you get to find out who has a nice dishonest streak.”

    Very true. You can do a lot of things, but don’t call me a liar or question my integrity.

    And I am very sorry that it didn’t work out.

    ((hugs)) *pours a glass of cheap, red wine*


    1. I’m so angry I can’t even see straight. The husband gave me the whole, “Breathe, honey” exercise and I gave serious consideration to punching someone (not him) in the throat. The audacity of some people. . .

      Eh. End rant. -Takes the wine and smiles- Thank you.


  2. I hope you get to rain hell down on the liar.
    And I hope someone with honesty and integrity at one of the organizations steps up to help you out.

    But hubby is right. Don’t forget to breathe.


    1. I’m breathing. . .through my nostrils like the bull on Bug’s Bunny. 😀 And I’m getting ready to go all Hold-My-Earrings-Bitch on some people. -Bossnod-


  3. You could have lied. If indeed you was a habitual liar you would answers ‘yes’ straight away after i ask you fro a drink 😛 and a breakfast ::D Oh ‘yes’ would have been the answer . now smile. ha ha we need a smile

    And i understand what you are saying. and it sucks that lies get you everything. while being honest is the right thing to do.
    I to try not to lie through out my life. it is a way of living. So unfair how the world works on times.

    You rock don’t let anyone tell you other wise. keep on smiling.


      1. So yeah about the breakfast.. I like mine sunny side up 😀 to start the day with a smile.

        Cheers Miisy Lord ooh Lord that crow is nuts and a hazard to our health. So again Cheers on our health and sunny sides up.
        Smile it suits you best.


  4. In my experience, lying is a bit like a drug habit – it takes a long time to change the behaviour, it is always a losing behaviour in the long run, and even when you do break the habit, the temptation to re-engage is strong when under stress.Most people have adopted lying as a survival mechanism and when you’re powerless (as a child or as an abused) it is really the only choice if you want to live long enough to escape. AS you gain more power in life, it is my opinion that you should try to minimize the lying but when up against unbeatable power, it is always an option. There are many who are “principled” and say that one should never lie – in my opinion they’ve never been in a situation where it is life or death : theycan hold their lofty principles only becasue they (or their loved ones) have never been seriously threatened by life. As a person who has a great deal of Faith, I will argue that, in general, truth is better but I would never say that lying is always wrong.


    1. No, it isn’t always wrong. But this wasn’t a life or death situation. This was someone who just wanted to make themselves sound better and in the process, make me look bad.


      1. Sorry Laura – I meant that if you could make life better for your family member by lying, it would certainly be something I personally would consider.


        1. No, I understood. No need to apologize 😀 This situation though, I really think I need to be honest. These are long term care facilities, and I need them to really know what they are getting into. I want him to be in the right environment that is safe for him, and them.


                    1. Bwahahahahah! I can use my fancy new phone to take pictures. . .or distract the enemy with Flappy Bird. Either or.


                    2. Is it sad that I’m sitting here actually pumped up. . .like, Shit, I’ve got something to do! Oh wait. . .it’s imaginative stuff. :/


                    3. That sounds fantastic. . .If I hadn’t just ranted all my issues into a blog that’s going to be coming up in the next 30 minutes lol. My creative spark is hiding today. Today I think I just needed someone to say, “Hey, life sucks.” and get at least a -head nod- in return. You know?


                    4. I’m sorry you had a shitty morning, too. I’ll come over and wallow in your troubles and you can wallow in mine. Yay for blogs to vent on!


  5. My mother has dementia. I have gone round and round this mulberry bush. And it is SO FRUSTRATING. I know this is an older post, so hopefully, there’s been some truth sent your way. Best of luck to you and your uncle and your husband.


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