In His Words

I read a post tonight written by a very talented Rarasaur. She was answering the prompt given by The Matticus Kingdom.

Basically: In the Tug of War between Marvel and DC comics, who wins?

Ah, the age old question.

I’d answer if myself, but I really wanted to see what my five year old would say. So I drew the battle lines and paired off the comic book characters he knew, Marvel versus DC, to see who he picked as the winners.

Captain America vs. Batman

Captain America for the win. Hands down. He didn’t even debate it. I’m paraphrasing the boy’s words, but it basically came down to this: Batman has a cool car, but Captain America was just a skinny little nice guy and they gave him powers because he was so nice.

In Dude’s mind, if he’s nice enough he might get super strength, too. And a costume.

He already has the costume.

But it’s true, when I sat back and thought. Bruce Wayne is some billionaire vigilante who just likes to wrestle Gotham out of one problem after another. He’s got the money to back up his “hobby” and while I love the “every day guy” idea behind his lack-of powers, he’s not an every day guy. He’s a billionaire. He’s Iron Man without the awesome chest piece. I’m all for the Captain.

Oh, and it drives me nuts that Batman has been played by like ten different people since I was a kid.

Iron Man vs. Superman

Superman won. The boy loves Iron Man, but Superman “gets all powered up by the sun”. I don’t think he’s old enough to grasp how brilliant Iron Man really is. Yes, he’s an egotistical ass, but he’s also a genius. I’m attracted to genius. Superman is an alien. Enough said.

Neither of these guys are easy to relate to, though. I mean, my son can aspire to be someone like Captain America…but Superman is impossible and Iron Man is a little far-fetched. Not saying my son is stupid, but I’m realistic. He’s probably not going to be designing his own glowing pacemaker any day soon.

Superman did perform a lobotomy…with his lazer vision. Which is awesome.

Thor vs. Green Lantern

It was all Thor, all day long. Dude doesn’t even like the Green Lantern. He found him boring. And of course, “Thor has a big hammer and goes like this…BANG” At which point he slammed his fist into the floor. Yes, the God with his L’Oreal locks won the day and I have to agree.

I get that Green Lanterns can be anyone. You…me…the redneck who lives down the road with the flames painted all over his truck. Anybody. I hate rings though. I won’t wear one. So I’d never be able to take the job.

And he is boring.

And Thor is hot, hot, hot, hot, hot.

Plus, extra points for using Gods from the myths to make superheroes.

Hulk vs. Aquaman

Hulk. It wasn’t even up for discussion.

“I don’t like the fish guy. Mermaid Man is better than him.”

He picked a Spongebob character over Aquaman. I couldn’t have agreed more.

I’d write more on this one, but it sees really self-explanatory to me.

Aquaman is one Hulk smash away from becoming a plate of fish and chips.

And last but not least:

Black Widow vs. Wonder Woman

Woman Woman stole the day. I guess my son doesn’t have a thing for redheads, because when I mentioned the two, he blushed twelve different shades of red.

“Wonder Woman is pretty.”

He was too embarrassed to talk after that and ran off to change into his favorite costume of all:



Yep. My son likes the bad guys best of all, and Venom is his all time favorite.

I swear…he’s perfectly normal.

Now, go check out these other blogs that are writing on the topic, while we relax in the mutual agreement that Marvel kicks DC’s butt…mostly.

28 responses to “In His Words”

    • Too true. Children have a no-holds-bar on their feelings towards something. Either they like it, or not. So choosing wasn’t difficult for him. I was analyzing each character in my head, but his responses were pretty quick and to the point. He liked them for whatever reason, and even if he did like the other person (excluding Aquaman and Green Lantern), he knew who he’d rather be…and in the end…that was Venom.

      I feel like I may need to apologize for my son’s future villainous behavior.


  1. Haha! I love this! I almost feel sorry for Aquaman given how little his character resonates with anyone at all. 😀 I’m a fan of comic books in general, so even though you went Marvel ;), I love that your little one got to play a part in this. Awesome! 😀


    • I love comics, but I really did want to see who my son would pick when he had to choose. He did really well until I brought the ladies into it. Poor child…if only he had a bit of Iron Man’s arrogance. Never mind. I take the back immediately.


        • I just had an image of Aquaman as a child…his mother walking and seeing him with his face in a fish bowl.

          “But Mooommmm…Goldie says he hates the pink plastic castle…”

          My brain is sending me messages like this to tell me it is past my bedtime hahaha!


  2. My husband and I argue all the time about this. I love Spiderman but he’s all about Batman, lol. But I also love Wonderwoman, so I’m torn between DC and Marvel.


    • I can’t stand Spiderman. I’d have to choose Batman over him…and between Black Widow and Wonder Woman, I’m Black Widow all the way. Super awesome killer spy…and she’d a redhead. I have a serious lady crush on her.


      • What?! I really need to know more about Black Widow. Guess I’ve been missing out because I LOVE Wonder Woman! lol Love that you did this from your son’s perspective, I was nodding my head “yes” “yes, I agree” pretty much the whole time, he’s brilliant. THIS post makes me wish I had a kid lol… Oh but I would have def picked Iron Man over Superman too…and yes Green Latern bores me too.


        • After spending nine days home with my children due to snow…I’m more than willing to ship him off if you’d like to borrow him 😀


  3. Wow that was fun. but for some reason not liking spiderman i love spider woman lol she fought with wonder woman as well.
    Interesting battles. and interesting outcome.
    shame i read comics like Vampirella, Witchblade, Lady Death, Evil Ernie, Ghost rider, Warrior nun areala. and yes red heads over everything else for sure.

    ooh god i sound like a nerd with perverted fantasies.


    • I let the children watch Ghostrider yesterday…it was another of those moments where the husband was right and I had to wear the cone of shame. I thought they could handle it. My son now wants to “work for the devil burning people up with souls” and my daughter hid her eyes multiple times and kept repeating, “it isn’t real”.

      Sometimes I’m not a good mom.


      • Yeah that was on yesterday. Been watching to 😛
        But yeah sorry to hear about the cone of shame. though in some ways it i snot so bad since you can only focus on what is ahead and we cannot be distracted 😀

        ooh okay hold on. need to use a tooth pick to pick my dirty brain… PLOP okay where was I.

        And no I would not call you a bad mom 😛 love the shade…
        of red that shines through the cone.

        he he I do not like the movie very much. liked the old ghost rider better.


    • I’m afraid of big bodies of water. And knowing my luck, I’d fall in and swallow a jellyfish or some other such nonsense.


  4. Marvel support duly noted and appreciated! (Go Team Marvel!!)
    And who can refute the fact that no matter what else is going on, DC have Aquaman to contend with all the time. I think that brings them down a peg no matter who else they have on their side. I’d award some negative points to their pulling team but that doesn’t seem very sporting of me. So, instead, I’m going to award extra pulling points to the Marvel team, a 1,000 of them, for the brilliance of pointing out that a Sponge Bob character is mightier than one of DC’s core characters. Sheer brilliance.


    • My son, lover of numbers that he is, will love to know that he earned extra points for Marvel by being a Spongebob enthusiast. Haha!


        • Are you a parent? I’ve found I give extra points for Spongebob references more often than I probably should. I heard a rumor they were canceling the show. It was a day of mourning here, for the children and even the husband. I was quietly celebrating.


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