I May Need Bail Money

The husband bought me tickets to go see In This Moment and Butcher Babies.

The concert is tomorrow night.

The husband is carrying around a box of tissues like my son carries around Boo Bear.

The husband’s gravelly morning voice has been here all day.

The husband is about to go to the doctor.



The husband never goes to the doctor.

That means that because some guy at his job didn’t want to miss work and instead came and sat in the little box with all the other guys for twelve hours straight, spewing his germs everywhere and infecting multiple people (like my husband), I will not be attending the concert.

I’m about to go straight Liam Neeson on that disease-ridden asshat.



If I post later asking for donations…I found him.

5 responses to “I May Need Bail Money”

  1. Need an alibi. still better than bail money.
    Damn i still hold a grudge against my ex for not able to see a private small concert by Within Temptation. the whore. But I got her good he he.


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