Because They Have a Four Day Weekend

And that of course means that everyone has to be sick.

The husband came home looking like the lead singer of a death metal band after a year long tour.

I practically fed him Nyquil and sent him away.

The son took a nap with him later on and woke up, crawling onto the couch with me.

Mama, I’m warm and snuggly.

So I snuggled him.

That’s not warm and snuggly…that’s a fever.

I dosed him on Motrin and then later Tylenol, dunked him in the bathtub and thought, Oh yay. A whole four day break of sick people.

The husband finally woke up around ten and convinced me that sex was a good idea.

Don’t drink out of my cup…I don’t want you to get sick.

Thank you for being considerate. Now come her so we can swap bodily fluids. That has no potential for spreading germs and disease…Right.



Oh, and I’m hacking up a lung this morning.

No problem.

I’ve got two, right?

I’ll be fine.

-Zombie face-

3 responses to “Because They Have a Four Day Weekend”

  1. Moms do not get sick do they?
    No they sneeze their brains from their noses and breath them back in.
    They cough up a lung and eat it back up to put back.
    Still have sex and sweat streams.. it i snot a fever we having sex alone 😛
    No mums are zombies. eating their own brains and lungs for a midnight snack attending her family though the day. They grunt and moan losing bodily fluids wanting a hug.and a little love

    What NO, you are afraid of getting sick to. but but WHAT ABOUT MUMMY? I snuggled when you was sick

    Keep smiling and be strong.

    And just the first story alone made me smile. how did you come up with all those arms. You are a witty person and full of laughter. thanks for the smiles. I love reading them.


    • Of course moms don’t get sick…we power down occasionally, but never sick.

      On a side note, I’m glad you are enjoying the books!


      • They are a pleasure to read okay are lol just still reading the first 😀 but yes enjoying them.
        Keep smiling

        Never sick of course… just sniffing up tears not brain matter. just resting and have me time. it is not pain keeping you in bed.
        Mums rock. and so do you


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