Up and Coming

Consider this fair warning.

I know I have a lot to catch up on…

– The holiday wrap-up (oh the blog fodder I have gathered)

– The final say in the Present Winners and Losers

– And my favorite up and coming event: The New Year’s Resolutions

So I’m doing something different for that last one and I’d like to see how many people I can get to join in with me.

This year I’m saying “Screw You” to the resolutions (not like I ever keep them any way) and pouring my energy into the Love My Body campaign.

C’mon…you know you wanna join in.

Come New Year’s Day check in here to see an awesome photo of me along with a nice long list of things I need to remember throughout the year that I love about my body.

I mean, today I walked into Walmart and all the Christmas junk was hidden off in some obscure corner, while the Slim Fast, work-out gear, and dumbbells were front and center. It was like a walk of shame down the main aisle, while I stared at my arch enemy, Special K. I swear, those red K’s were tossing up gang signs and holding the ‘L’ up on their foreheads to accompany me.

And eff that.

Eff that walk of shame.

Eff these stores and commercials and propaganda to make us think that only once a year we should be striving to better ourselves.

Eff everything that takes a huge after Christmas dump on our self-esteem.

Eff these resolutions that end up being just one more sense of pressure in our rush-rush-rush lives.

And eff Special K.

So, what about you? Want to join me for the Love Your Body campaign? If so, send me a link to your version of it come New Year’s! I’ll be featuring an entire blog devoted to the awesome ladies and gents who join me in this little endeavor.

14 responses to “Up and Coming”

  1. Now I can say yeah me. but then when the thoughts started running through my brain. leaving my fingers. some weird creature started emerging.
    The hunchback was nothing compared to this. and how on earth am I ever going to love that.

    It was rolling around, feet up in the air helpless arms like toot picks chewing on a leftover turkey straight from the freezer. so what if I love food.
    I just can’t get enough

    But I do eff a lot for new years. But wait hold it does that include posing a pic of me. I need a panorama for that. or a great distance.


    • #LoveYourBody

      1. Post a status or blog with the #LoveYourBody tag

      2. NO negatives and NO worrying about anyone else. This is about you and you only, and it is only the positives.

      3. Make a list of things you love about yourself and why.

      4. Give yourself a pep talk, a reason to remember that you have these awesome things.

      5. Give a big “Eff you” (or at least tell them off) to those annoying New Year’s Resolutions

      6. Rally the troops! Try to get others to join our campaign and then send me the link to be featured in January!


  2. Ok so im sure the husband has told you many of times i am a bit slow lol. I need it spelled out to me in more laymens terms lol. I love this idea. I think every woman no matter her size or status should join in on something like this.


  3. Keep smiling Missy.
    Wishing you a happy New year. And may it be filled with lots of love, laughter and smiles.
    And thank you.you are a damn fine woman stay true, stay you. Keep smiling.

    Had a blast writing that post honestly.


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