Brain Wrestling and Candy Eyeballs


Normally, I struggle to get to sleep. My brain instantly becomes awake when I lie down and suddenly all these fantastic story ideas pop into my head. I could have used that last night, but instead I was wrestling it to just get it started with the project I needed to begin. Last night began the first official night of NaNoWriMo…I’d like to sound prouder of myself than I am, but I only managed 844 words. However, those were 844 of the hardest words I’ve ever written. I actually started at the beginning of a story, something I never do. I always start at some random place of action in the middle and work my way out to both ends. It’s terrible. So I forced myself to start at the beginning and 844 later…I’d done it. Now, 49,156 words to go.

No sweat. <—Sarcasm.

We took the monsters trick or treating last night, and we always walk through the town with a lady who was their day care provider, and who knows everyone and everything about everyone in that town. It is super helpful.

Because then there are situations like this:

Kids run up to funky house with grass that is like a foot tall and grab candy out of a bucket sitting on the porch.

Miss I Know All in This Town:   Take that from them when they get back. I meant to stop them before they got there.

Me:   Oh God, why?

Her:   Lots of drug issues in that house. Someone OD’ed there not long ago.

Me:  Oh…lovely.

The kids come running back and I grab their buckets, dig in and pull out the candy eyeballs they grabbed from that house.

Ninja and Merida:   Mama! What are you doing?


I’d like to take this time to say that the dregs of society that make me fear candy in my child’s Halloween bucket have a special place on my If-I-Ever-Become-Friends-With-A-Mobster list.

Just saying.

Then there are those people who are just so kind, and wonderful, you want to share them with the word. Like this lady, who constantly goes out of her way to promote others across her blog. She chose my Halloween story for yesterday, which you can see here:

Awesome and amazing woman, fantastic poet, check her out!

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