You Shouldn’t Make Those Sounds

So, I’m lying on the couch with the Husband, enjoying an evening where he doesn’t have to leave so early for work, when I get one of those sharp pains through my boobs.

For those of you who haven’t been pregnant before, I’m in the stage where random little pains leap through my belly and boobs and they go away pretty quickly, but they are surprising.

In other words, I make noise when it happens.

Not some loud scream or anything, just a soft moan, or “Ehhh” sound. Whatever. The point is, I get a pain.

Me: Ehhhh.

The Husband: What? What are you doing?

I look up and see that he has literally pulled as far away as he could at the moment and his eyeballs are all big and worried. What am I doing? As in, what are you doing to yourself to make you make that sound…Right.

I felt like I should make him watch this video again. He dismissed it before, but really…I think he should pay attention. If this is freaking him out, we’re in for a world of fun later.

13 responses to “You Shouldn’t Make Those Sounds”

  1. I’m not sure the correlation between someone suffering from drug problems and someone who would intentionally harm a person. My father has had drug problems my whole life but besides that he was the best father I could ever have. Your statement is very close minded and unfortunate that you think an overdose (which could be legal and just an accident) is a gateway for hurting children… Tsk tsk….


    • I am glad the relationship with your father is a good one. However, after the experiences I have had with drugs and those using them, I am entitled to my own opinions. Thank you for sharing yours though.


      • Haha that’s actually a really good idea! I remember when one of my Sister-In-Laws told me about the whole “sits bath” (not sure if that’s how you spell it?) and diaper thing and I was like “WHAAAA–????”

        I see a bestseller on the horizon.


        • Maybe I should talk to your sister-in-law. I have no idea what a “sits bath” is??? -Looks confused…and slightly worried. Remembers this is his third pregnancy.- I shouldn’t be worried. I got this. o.0


          • Hahahaha it’s that thing where you have to crouch over a tub and swish your hoo-ha out?! Did I make this up or dream it while under the influence of cough medicine?! Now I fee like some kind of weirdo…


            • Ah…gotcha! Had something like that, because I had to get stitches. We used a spray bottle of warm water though and did it over a toilet. Same concept though and just as odd. There is no room for shame once you’ve given birth.


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