Never Ask a Toddler

What do you think we should call the baby?


This is how my son envisions the baby:


I mean Godzilla pretty much speaks for himself, but Princess Hairy? I was at a loss.


This came to mind, but then I found this…


It scares me that this even exists. Excuse me, while I go panic in some corner and practice saying, “It’s not real. It’s all a bad dream. It’s not real.”

5 responses to “Never Ask a Toddler”

  1. Oh, I would just love to see your browser history from the google search that brought that hairy guy up!

    PS In your profile pic you totally look like a cross between Katy Perry & the chick who played “Janis Ian” on Mean Girls (okay she was less than gorgeous in that role but she’s actually a hottie). Just fyi!


    • I thought the same thing. What the hell have I looked at to bring this monstrosity to my screen? -Shudders-

      And thank you. Amazingly enough, I hear Katy Perry a lot. I don’t see it, but the daughter has adopted “Roar” as our anthem. She thinks it’s “girl powerful”. -Bossnod- We sing it at the top of our lungs, loudly and terribly.


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