Fall is… – A Poem by Mama

Fall is…

A chill in the air

And frost on the ground

Fog that clogs

And rain that drowns

Sniffling noses

Bright red throats

Crumpled tissues

Galoshes and coats

Pumpkins carved

And lit up bright

Ghosts abound

Vampires bite

Halloween décor

Right next door

To Christmas trees

In every store

Rotting veggies

On my front step

Family dinners

Hectic prep

Costumes on top

Of the Christmas tree box

Kids stuck inside

With Lego blocks

Leaves that pile

Clog my gutter

Electricity that

Spits and sputters

Sweet potatoes

Grandma’s dressing

Pass the wine

They’re saying blessing

Trick or treat

Candy bowls

All the Reese’s

Daddy stole

Night comes fast

Hot dogs burning

Throw up buckets

My stomach’s churning

Colorful leaves

The firewood’s wet

I quit. I’m done.

Is it Christmas yet?

Copyright Laura A. Lord ©2014


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