I Wish He Had Been Lying

Last night I had a grab-and-go dinner. I grabbed my son’s bowl of Velveeta Mac and Cheese before he could toss it in the sink and ate the last three bites. Then around ten something, I heated up three pieces of Texas Toast. Yes…I ate cheesy garlic bread for dinner, munched on a brownie covered in whipped cream, and tried to figure out which food groups I had managed to cover.

Let’s just say none.

So if anyone should have woken up sick, it should have been me? I mean, that was a lot of crap to put into my system.

Instead my son comes out at 1 AM:

Dude: Mama, I’m awake.

Me: Get unawake and back into bed.

He wanders off…and then 3 AM.

Dude: Can I watch a movie?

Me: (Desperate) Yes.

I go turn the movie on and he lays back down.

5 AM:

Dude: I don’t feel good.

Me: You’re fine. Just get…

Dude pukes everywhere.

Why couldn’t you have been lying?

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