Unfinished Business and Other Ghoulish Problems

If I died today, and the whole ghosts-have-unfinished-business-which-is-why-they-stick-around thing is true, I’d spend longer here on earth as a ghost than I have thus far as a living, breathing person.

Just saying.

Let’s do an inventory, shall we?

Twenty-one…21…unfinished manuscripts. TWENTY-ONE!

Two boxes, five stacks, and one purse full of paperwork that needs to be sorted into the filing cabinet.

Four wall-length shelves, two under-the-bed bins, and six totes in the attic full of books I have not yet read and want to.

Five years worth of photo albums to work on for my son.

Another five years for my daughter (I did at least start on her’s).

My wedding album, as of yet, still incomplete.

My brother’s Star Wars painting.

Seven other unfinished canvases.

48 recipes on my onetsp.com recipe holder that I have not yet tried and want to.

Oh, and I’m still not pregnant.


Can ghosts get pregnant? -Shrugs- Either way, I’m going to be one seriously busy ghost. I mean, I’ve got stuff to do. Things to finish…someday. I’ve always been a starter. It’s the finishing part that screws me up every time.

Needless to say, I can’t become a ghost yet. I’d have absolutely no time to haunt anyone, and really, what is the fun of being a ghost with no time for the fun stuff, like scaring the crap out of people that annoyed you when you were living?

WHAT ABOUT YOU? If you checked out today and got to be a ghosty, what would your unfinished business be?


*I’m not normally this morbid. I swear. Well, sometimes.

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